T-Shirts and Other Items

T-Shirts and other items are now available for purchas online. Visit http://www.cafepress.com/jbergin/11377990

There is a small markup on each item that will go towards supporting this website.

There are two main designs. Each design will have several options for men and women. There is also a hoodie. Most of the shirts are dark, some with many color options. There are a couple of white chirts. Note that on a dark shirt, the printing is actually white and the color shows through.

All have something like the following logo on the front upper left. This is how it appers on a white shirt.


And here is the logo on a Red Shirt:


One style has a stylistic dragon on the back.

The color of the dragon depends on the style and color of the shirt:

Gold Dragon Red Dragon White Dragon Black Dragon


The other design has the same logo (front upperleft) and a Magpie fighting a Snake on the back:


Magpie Snake


Here are three hat designs. The first is just as you see it - black only:

Tung HatStickers and magnets have this design.

The second is a Stonewash design with an embroiderd logo - three colors available:


And there is a military style cap with an unlabled yin-yang logo


Finally, there is a duffel bag:


If you have comments on these, let Joe know.

Last Updated: July 22, 2014