Taiji Videos

Here are a few videos of masters in our lineage performing Taiji. Some of these are available on DVD.

Yang Cheng Fu was the teacher of Tung Ying Jie. I don't think there are actual videos of him performing, but here is a sequence put together from still photos. Yang Cheng Fu is responsible for many changes that led to our current form.

Yang Chengfu Taijiquan 108 movements

Tung Ying Jie was a principle student of Yang Cheng Fu. Before studying with Yang, Tung had mastered the Hao (Wu) form and the Tung (Dong) family has preserved this form as well. Note the fluidity of movement in the following. The current form is normally not quite so loose. This video is from 1945.

Tung Ying Jie performing the Long Form

Tung Kai Ying is the son of Tung Hu Ling (grandson of Tung Ying Jie). He teaches in Los Angeles and occasionally visits the Northeast for a weekend seminar. Here is a long video of the complete Long Form (Slow Set). This was taken when he was much younger. H is now in his 70's. This is our form.

Tung Kai Ying performing the Long Form

The above three great masters are the main characters in your legacy if you study with Martha (or Bobbi or Joe). Each of them has modified and extended the form, though it is still fairly true to that of Yang Cheng Fu. Yang style, by the way, was derived from that of Ch'en. The grandfather of Yang Cheng Fu was Yang Lu Chen, a student of Ch'en Ch'ang Hsing. This was early in the 19th century.

Alex Dong (Tung) is the nephew of Tung Kai Ying. His father, Dong Zhen Chen, teaches in Hawaii. The form is slightly different. You can find videos of Alex on the Links page. Alex teaches in New York, and frequently visits us in the Hudson Valley. Some of the moves are different, but the way that we perform the common moves is very nearly the same.

Here aare two videos of Push Hands used in Sparring. Tung Hu Ling was the son of Tung Ying Jie.

Tung Hu Ling and an advanced student doing Push Hands (part 1)

Tung Hu Ling and an advanced student doing Push Hands (part 2)

This is Tung Kai Ying, sparring with Paul Drake.

The following is not exactly our form, but is related. Chen Man-Ch'ing was also a student of Yang Cheng Fu and a contemporary of Tung Ying Jie. He moved to New York where he taught for many years. There are still some of his students teaching there. He shortened the form to make it more appealing to Americans. Some of his books are very informative.

Chen Man-Ch'ing Short Tai Chi Form

The following are various weapons forms that we practice.

The first is Master Dong Zhen Chen (Alex's Father) doing the Tai Chi Sword Form (Jian).

Next is a fragment of Jasmine Tung (Alex's great aunt) doing the Jian Form. Jasmine was a true Master of Tai Chi and likely one of the first women to master the forms.

This one is the Dao, or Big Knife, form done by Tom Walters, a long time student of Master Tung Kai Ying, and Bobbi's first teacher. This is the first (or simpler) knife form.

Here is Second Knife, performed by Christopher Kiely, another long time student of Master Tung Kai Ying. Chris runs the Falling Waters Tai Chi School in Middlebury Vermont.

Again, this is not, strictly speaking our form, but is a demonstration of how Tai Chi can be used in a real fight. Look for the various moves you know in what the Master does to respond each attack.