Taiji Gong

From clouds
She wove  
Heaven and Earth  
Then Tiger
Brought Horse
To its knees
Between twin mountain peaks
That crossed
And pushed to the end
    -- Emilio Gonzales

Taiji Gong (or Tiger Mountain Qigong) is an exercise based on the upper body movements of Taiji. It involves the arms and waist, primarily, but no steps after the initial positioning.

Begin in the normal starting stance. Perform the opening movement, raising the arms and letting them fall. Then step wide with the right foot and squat a bit (sitting on a horse) while starting cloud hands to the right, raising the arm. The movements from there are performed four times for each part, two on each side, alternating, left side first. The opening cloud hands is actually five. The pattern is shown below, annotating the poem. Emilio Gonzales is a student of Master Tung Kai Ying.

From clouds  (cloud hands)
She wove  (fair lady at the shuttles)
Heaven and Earth  (white crane)
Then Tiger    (punch tiger)
Brought Horse  (parting of the wild horse's mane)
To its knees (brush knee)
Between twin mountain peaks  (double wind to the ears)
That crossed  (crossed hands)
And pushed to the end  (roll back and push)

Bring the feet back together and rise to the normal start position.

In most of the moves, the waist rotates toward the rising hand as usual in Taiji. The rotation of the waist may be left or right, but also vertical.

The Waist Is The Wheel

Last updated: November 30, 2012