Information for Beginners

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijichuan) is a martial and healing art from China that is about a thousand years old. It is based on an even older idea (Taiji) whicih means "Supreme Ultimate" and is a phrase indicating the "life" or organizing principle of the universe in Daoist philosophy.

You can begin study at any age and continue it throughout your life. It is especially valuable as you age as it has beneficial effects on your balance, flexibility, circulation, general health, and sense of accomplishment. It is not aerobic, however, so you may need some exercise in addition to Tai Chi.

All of the motions in Tai Chi exercises are done slowly, softly, smoothly, and with deliberation. We use the mind to direct the body. All of the motions are completely natural and work the way the body is designed to work. We don't strain in our movements, nor use artifical strength.

The benefits of Tai Chi are many but they only develop with time and practice. As with any activity, the more you practice the better you will become and the sooner you will see benefits. Most of the students in our group take take one or two hours of class per week at the beginning and it is good to practice privately for about the same amount of time, a little bit every day if you can.